Thanks for trusting us with your need for help. Please see the information below concerning our guidelines and process. 

Purpose: Journey Church seeks to honor God in caring for the legitimate and urgent needs of Journey’s family members and our community.

Requests: Journey Church reserves the right to approve and deny any and all requests.  All requests must fall within the church’s available funds as specified in the official church budget without special board approval.

Methods: All requests must be made by way of a personal request to a pastor or a member of Journey’s Board of Stewards.

Requests are reviewed by a team of individuals. That team will decide the appropriate action to be taken and get into contact with you.

All funds will be distributed via gift cards or a check paid directly to the creditor.  Cash will NOT be given out for requests.  In the event of help with utilities, a current bill is required for a check to be written.

We strongly suggest, and may require, that any recipients meet with a financial counselor to develop a working budget for long term solutions.


Utility Bills

  • Due to shut off notices

  • Due to family misfortune

Medical Expenses:

  • Due to family emergencies.

  • Due to unexpected health complications

Travel Expenses

  • Due to unexpected immediate family passing away.

Priority Lists:

  • Active participants at Journey Church

  • Casual attenders of Journey Church

  • Family member of a Journey Church attender

  • Friend of a Journey Church attender

  • Community member (local address)

  • Community visitor (out of town)


Help will only be provided from one Journey Church location. Please select the location that is your home church.