What Is Membership? Should you become a member? What is expected of me as a member? 

This series of five short videos will answer some of these questions and present other information regarding membership at Journey Church.

Thank you for your interest in membership. If you have any questions regarding membership after viewing the videos, please get in touch with a pastor to discuss membership further. 

Why Journey Church Exists


Essentials & Non-Essentials

In our essential beliefs, we are unified. In our non-essential beliefs, we are flexible. In all our beliefs, love is our highest priority.


Protecting Our Unity

We have no room for gossip amongst our community. For a teaching on gossip, please click here. We are committed to resolving conflict in the biblical pattern presented in the Scriptures (see Matthew 18:15-17). 

Distinctives and Structure

For our teaching on the common distinctive, please go to Our network of churches website site


Growing, Inviting, Giving, Serving

As a member, an active presence in the life of the church is expected. Growing, inviting, giving, and serving all help us spread the gospel and grow in Christ.


Prefer to Read the Membership Packet?

Please click here to download a pdf file of the complete membership information packet. 


Please click here to download a copy of Journey Church's By-Laws. 


Ready for Membership?

If you're ready to take the next step in membership covenant, please click the button below to submit your application to the board of stewards.